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We invite you to embark on a journey of self discovery.  To re-establish your connection with yourself, your inner wisdom, the innate capabilites of moving in a natural way, soulful nourishment for body, mind and soul and feeling the aliveness of Mother Earth under your bare feet. 

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We believe that life is about the journey and not the destination. Get out into nature and do something that makes you feel alive.


To live our life fully, to embrace opportunities and explore adventures, we need a solid foundation.  We need to live and embody a healthy lifestyle.


With your new-found sense of adventure, why not indulge yourself by entering an event that caters for all fitness levels in a controlled environment.

In a world where we have been caught up in consumerism, instant gratification and a wild chase to destinations unknown, we have lost touch with what we believe the most important aspect of all… Being connected.

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I Needed This!

“Morning June, Thank you for the Women warrior programme, I needed it. My mind is awake and I’m aware of what I do, say or think…I believe I can improve awareness because I was never aware of my negative thoughts. I found myself in a mess, in a lot of pain, in grieve and became a big sabotage in my life….parts and times where I failed myself, pointing fingers to people, friends, colleagues and my young sister when no one came through to save me, I numbed from hurt and I became bitter…..I know about this Phenomenal,  beautiful, kind, loving, powerful, gifted and very talented woman, I see her light, I feel it…..I am that woman…..I went through so much hardships and pain growing up, the programme helped me to begin licking my wounds, to be honest it was very difficult but I needed this change, sleeping early works, journaling I would like to record audios,would love to listen to myself….Yoga and breathing is best. I’m also planning to take yoga classes on Saturdays….I would love to learn more about food and their connection to me….I’m still exploring though not enough, there is change, people still say I gained a lot of weight but I feel great, and dealing daily with my emotions it’s not easy….reading A return of love is amazing and good for placing my mind and emotions well….”


Five Star Experience

What started out as a few easy habits to add to my daily routine soon turned into something that really made me sit and think about a lot of unhealthy things I do in every day life.

The challenge is based on four pillars; breath, movement, sleep and nourishment. It made me really take notice of what I allow in my life. From the food and drinks that I consume to the things I read and think about.

The challenge touched on every aspect of my day to day life and I particularly enjoyed the fact that it’s very personalized and not just a set of rules to follow. A lot of the challenges and habits were super fun and I will continue applying them in my life going forward.

A lot of thought has been put into this challenge, but ultimately you will get what you put in and I believe that anyone who goes into this challenge with an open mind and who is willing to put in the effort will reap great benefits.

For me it was a five star experience.


Thank you for everything!

When I got my slot I knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was going to give it my all. Control my controllables. I have the best coaches #TeamTissink Natalie, thanks to the hubster I have the best equipment. I did however feel with the high intensity training coming up my nutrition needed to be perfect and that it might need some tweaking. I was right and June did not tweak she adjusted my macros completely.

I had been following June since she climbed onto the podium at IMSA this year. She is a #ketonutritionambassador and also a #ketonutritionist. I wanted to drop some weight but more importantly body fat without compromising my training. For 8 weeks June has patiently answered my numerous texts, sent countless voice notes with advice and been incredibly supportive and got the job done. I religiously stuck to my macros and my instructions from June and had the energy to tackle what turned out to be most intense training period I have ever experienced.

We all have a story to tell but this Queen has weathered very heavy storms to be where she is today. My respect for her cannot be measured. Thank you for everything June. Lucky for me we are in the same age group and although she is a machine I will get to spend SOME time with her on the race course Saturday. Have an amazing race June.


Thank you for believing in me!

“To an amazing woman June, there aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to you.  You are an amazing mentor, leader and friend!

You don’t participate in my pitty-parties and you tell it like it is…  i appreciate you.You Inspire me to be better and you are mentoring me to stay better even when you are not around!”

Thank you!”

Psychology Student

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