Our Story

Meet June and Daniel Smith, your Natural Lifestyle Consultants  – Endurance Athletes, Fitness Junkies, Nature Lovers and Advocates for Minimalism, Authentic Living and Soulful Nourishment with Real Food.

A dream is what sets the wheels in motion. Passion and Desire is what builds continuous forward momentum. Grit, Determination and Willpower is what makes you persevere, through the challenges to live the life that was once a dream!. 

Our journey of lifestyle changes started before we met, both realising that being ok, is not in fact ok! Trusting our inner voices and learning from mentors all over the world that being healthy means to soar like an eagle, and not merely the absence of dis-ease.

 Just like a fitness journey starts with walking before running, so too does a journey to change to a healthier lifestyle. Some days you feel despondent and that you are going backwards, but trusting in the process, believing in yourself, holding your WHY close to your heart and soul, and practicing determination and willpower instills a mind-set of never giving up!

Between us we have competed in Ironman, Comrades, Mont Aux Sources, The ELB Extreme Road Challenge, The Erg Ultra, some crazy Backyard Ultras, and The Kings Ultra to name but a few. We are reversing aging, with our metabolic age much younger than our biological age. We are continuously improving on our results, both time based as well as strength wise. We are healthier, mentally more creative, and spiritually more aware than in our younger years.

We hold the power of our lives in our hands. Life is happening for us and not to us. We are the captain of our ship, the director of our movie. We want to guide you on your journey to living a life of fulfillment.

The journey is not always easy. BUT the journey is worth it!

Our Values






Our Beliefs

Our bodies have the ability to heal itself

Food is medicine

God is the strength in whom we trust

We are born to live extra-ordinary lives

Love is all there is

Team Zenfit Is Waiting