The definition of awareness as per the Cambridge dictionary:  “knowledge that something exists, or understanding of a situation or subject at the present time based on information or experience

If we have to ask you what your level of awareness is, what would you answer – on a scale from 1 – 10?  10 – being consciously aware of every smell, every sound, every taste, every action, everything!

Living in a fast paced era, with most of our responses happening in automatic gear, we have become robots to our habits.  We are no longer able to operate normal gears and where the “R” on the gear lever is no longer “reverse “ (because going back seems to equate to failure), but instead now stands for “race”.   We perceive as getting to any destination as fast as possible to be the ultimate and that it makes us a winner at life!

That is SUCH a big lie!  We forget to take note of the experiences on our journey – we literally forget to stop and smell the roses!  We are so focused on the destination and get stressed and filled with anger if anything or anybody dares to cross our path and delay us in getting to our destination.  – You cannot deny this – how was traffic on the way to work this morning?

We rush from morning to night – deadlines to meet, plates too full and our balancing act is not that great either (if it was, we would all have joined the circus for the main act).

We are all in need of reminders to breathe, the take time out, to use the reverse, to re-route even if it means taking a slightly longer route, to be mindful and present – especially with ourselves!  When last did you check in with yourself?

We have created our 4 pillars – Breathe, Move, Nourish, Sleep and with that the Awareness Journal.   It is for you to plot your journey, to check in with how you feel, how you have slept, how food affects you, what stressors are present.  It is for you to be aware of your inner landscape and inner universe.

You can write in circles, or bold and CAPITAL, or italic in different colours or just to “doodle”, as awareness of the day comes to light.  Use pen and paper instead of electronics to reconnect with your inner being – it is so much more personal, with no outside distractions.

We invite you to use the ZENfit Awareness Journal as a personal time out date with yourself, anytime of the day, as you are filled with life changing insights that will enrich your life for ever.