For most, we are a society of clutter, noise and pollution. Mostly accumulating stuff to fill spaces as for some reason we have become afraid of openness and emptiness. It is like it haunts us.

In our physical space we try and fill every nook and granny, so we spend hours and hours to dust, spit and polish to make sure it is clean. Time that could have been spend enriching our life’s by living a life of purpose.

We do the same with our mind space. We clutter it with noise. We fill it with toxic people. We constantly run away from who we are. We allow others into our head space with their opinions and in the process loose ourself. We are so quick to rent out the space in our heart without first checking out if they are able to pay the rent so to speak. We are so afraid of being quiet and alone – our minds and inner being is more cluttered and noisy now than ever.

Clutter overwhelms you. It adds enormous unnecessary stress and anxiety into your life.

We keep on bringing new stuff into our life. When last did you de-clutter your space? We have more clothes than we can wear. If our cupboard spaces gets full, we buy big containers to fill them as well and if that no longer works, we rent storage units. Once the stuff is packed away – we never use them again but we also hang on to them.

Why? What emotional, enriching value do this stuff now add to your life – to your purpose – to your growth.

Physical stuff and clutter also adds to the clutter in your inner being. Intricate cobwebs that traps you. Trap in financial debt as you start living pay check to pay check to afford the stuff that is now keeping you hostage. Trapped in your house surrounded by stuff instead of feeling free to step into the sunlight that awaits on the other side of the walls filled with deadweight.

I was the most free and happy when I had nothing. Even though we stay in a bachelor pad now, I find myself surrounded by stuff that does not serve me, that has no purpose of being in my space, that adds no value. How much stuff do you have surrounding you that is keeping you hostage?

PRUNE YOU STUFF – in all areas of your life! Get into a habit of 1 thing in and 1 thing out. Change your consumer habits to only that which is needed, that is intentional, that is purposeful – in that way we will also de-clutter our planet that is dying because of having to absorb the waste our clutter is causing.

There is great wealth in having less.
Quality over Quantity
Less is more