Molested. Abused. Destitute …

Determined. Believer. Warrior …

I read the other day that in the face of darkness and despair, having a dream or a goal isnear impossible.

If your every minute is based on pure survival, how could you ever, for even only a moment, think or dream of a world, a life, where you could thrive?

We have all faced challenges, demons, constraints in our lives. Society has found names for each of them, but the way I see it, at the root cause of all, is that those less than ideal times impacts our neural pathways with an untruth about ourselves……
…. We are not good enough….

We then start to believe that, and before you can blink an eye, that untruth is part of our new found belief system.

Sad hey? More like F**** up actually and crazy. That our belief systems about ourselves are made up of untruths that others imprinted on us!

The great news:
1. You are not a tree
2. You are a tree

Let me explain:
1. You are not a tree – If you do not like where you are, who you are – you have within you the power to change, to move. You are not reliant one anybody to dig you out and find a new spot for you to be planted. Also YOU are responsible for YOU. Stop living with a victim mentality. Start practicing will-power with a victor/success mentality!

Change starts with you. Look within. Question and challenge every belief you have. Do they serve you? Do they empower you? Are they true?

2. You are a tree – We are all connected just like the roots of trees reaches out in the soil to each other. So, no matter what you went through or are going through, you are not alone.

Just like a tree grows new roots, so too does your brain have the power and ability to form new neural pathways. So practice empowering new beliefs that will serve you to change into the person you are destined to be. There is something in everyday to be grateful for, no matter how dark your day of survival might seem.

We are all here to serve a purpose. Every challenge we face is an opportunity to learn, to grow, to make a difference – just like a tree who gives shade to those who need escape from the sun, or a branch for a bird to sit in and sing a sweet melody.

  • Grow, thrive where you are planted!
  • Believe that anything is possible!
  • Know that you are capable of so much more than you can ever imagine.

The picture with the 3 medals is a symbol of just those 3 things.

1. Ironman 2018 – Podium 3rd in my age group and earned a slot to Ironman World Championchip in Kona, Hawaii.
– Grow, thrive where you are planted – A few years ago I was destitute with little self confidence but a dream. I practiced willpower and determination every day and finally proofed to myself that I was good enough. it is not about having the best, it is about making the best out of what you have and to be grateful. And believe!

2. 70.3 Ironman Wolrds 2018 – Believe that anything is possible. From being told “I will see you in the gutter” – to partaking in a World Championship. You are not what other people label you as. It is not easy but it is worth it. Take the time to know yourself, to love yourself, to empower yourself. What is important, is what “labels” you have of yourself.
– Powerful
— Loving
— Possible
—- Limitless

3. Erg Ultra 2019 – 24hour Crossfit Endurance event – 50km Ski Erg, 100km Row Erg, 200km Bike Erg and we completed it as a 2 man team event, each doing half of the distances. We completed in 19h18 – We are capable of so much more than what we can imagine
– My one word is Limitless – We are so quick to put limitations on ourself as a result of untruths that form part of our belief system. We were led to believe we cant, we are not capable, we shouldn’t …. etc….
Truth is we can….

We can do anything we set our mind to!

  • We can leave the toxic, abusive relationships
  • We can re-programme our brain and our beliefs
  • We can dream and have new goals no matter where we are in life!

What is standing in your way?
What limitations are you placing on yourself?
What untruths are you believing about yourself?