This is such a perfect time to reflect! To re-access; re-evaluate; re-connect! To embrace the stillness, the quiet moments

Last week I drove with to the shops – first venture out since the beginning of lockdown.¬†The first things I noticed was the cleanliness – no humans around to pollute – It was beautiful to see ūüôā

Breathe Рinhale the essence of Life; of Love

I waited in the car and stared at the tree in front of me.¬†So perfect!¬†I wondered how the tree was doing during lockdown.¬†Did it even notice the reduction in pollution – noise and air?¬†I noticed the scars on its bark.¬†What stories could it tell and share?¬†It was a tree being a tree in its fullness….¬†Adorned with autumn colored leaves that were swaying as the energy of the breeze weaved through it’s branches.

A lot of thoughts and questions came to my mind as I continued to observe the tree. In essence, we, beings and nature, are the same. We are all connected to the same Source of Divine Love that created us. In some ways we are superior. In others we are sadly lagging way behind.

A tree is what a tree is.¬†It doesn’t want to be a car, or a piece of grass or even another type of tree.¬†It is majestic in owning the tree that it is.¬†It weathers the storms, always standing tall.¬†It gives protection to the needy – be that from the storm, the hot sun, hiding away from the enemy or providing a place for you to build your home in its branches.¬†Some even providing food and many giving their life to heal the sick or to be cut down and used for some other purpose.

When young, we can bend it like it suits us. We uproot it and take it away from its network of deep rooted inter-connectedness.

We carve our initials in the bark or out of young twigs for our own needs.¬†Not once considering the tree’s feelings!

What does the tree do in response?

Nothing! It does not retaliate. It never gets upset. It doesn’t judge our actions. It never holds grudges. It does shed some tears in the form of glue to heal the scars….

No matter the hardships, it keeps on being who it was meant to be – right from when it was a seed – That particular tree!

A tree is one of the best examples I can think of when it comes to Loving Kindness! It keeps on giving! It keeps on being itself! It keeps on serving!

When last did you practice this king of loving kindness towards others; towards the animal kingdom; towards nature; toward yourself?

Loving Kindness for me is like a superpower.

A habit and a character trait of a warrior. I also belief it has to start with you! If you cannot be loving and kind toward yourself, you will not be able to project it outward. Have you ever looked in the mirror; noticing all the dents and stripes as a result of a life well lived thus far and filled your heart with love and your eyes with kindness towards yourself?

I believe that once you see and embrace and acknowledge your true self, you will be able to see that in others and be able to extend loving kindness to all beings on earth!

Another monumental lesson to be learnt from a tree, is to be you! Truly you! РTo be proud of your authenticity. Embrace it! Excel at it!   Make food that you would love to eat. Write what you would love to read. Create an art piece or a piece of music that you would want to fill your house, your life with!

The tree doesn’t have a sign board up advertising what all he can offer to maybe a select few!¬†It is just there – every moment – offering all of it self to whom ever is in need – and it doesn’t diminish any of its tree-beingness!

So be you

Fully present in every moment and be fully you! Not for someone else – but completely for you!

Some might think this sounds selfish Рhowever I am of the opinion that if you are fully present and fully you, surrounded by an energy field of loving kindness towards yourself, this same energy will expand outwards to all as it will be your intention to surround yourself with like energies. By giving you will receive.

How much loving kindness are we extending to the world at large during this pandemic?¬†Most of the news and social media channels are filled with bad and dooming reports and comments.¬†People are angry and negative.¬†Conversations seemed to be filled with the pandemic with negative views about almost everything, from canceled events, to the politicians, to blaming countries, to the falling economies…

Not much loving kindness there!

We came across this quote this morning by Mahershala Ali “Social media has colonized what was once a sacred place occupied by emptiness;¬†the space reserved for thoughts and creativity!”

Why not use this time then in quiet connection/conversation with your God?

C.O.V.I.D. 19

(In numerology 19 worked back to a single digit is 1 .¬†1 represents the Sun.¬†“The Sun is the creative force, which is so powerful, that is gives us Light and Life”)

Therefor lets look at what it stands for – based on my rework of the word.

 Christ Offers Victory In Darkness РSun (eternal Light and Live)

Yes, we as a World are faced with a momentous shift and I do not think anything will go back to the way it was. We are entering a New World. A New World with new possibilities, new challenges and requiring a new mind-set.

Therefor, know that God (Whichever is true for you!) is the only power!  Spend time in stillness, knowing this, and send your healing energy and Loving Kindness out into the world to where it is needed!

Just like the roots of trees, we are all inter-connected! Together, we are stronger and with Loving Kindness we can conquer all!

Loving Kindness begins with you, for you!