“Daily movement is critical to good health.”


By design, we are creatures of movement. Our limbs and joints and tendons are intricately weaved together, to enable us to accomplish the most amazing mobility, flexible, strength movements that we can dream up in our wild imagination.

Yet, here we are, in an age where sitting is probably in the top 5 of all-time causes of chronic disease. We have turned into a sedentary human race. We have gone from crazy life explorers to question -mark beings as we slouch over our smart devices. Our muscles are shortening by the day and at the words – engage your muscles – it might as well have been spoken in Alien – as our brain has no idea how to engage anything other than our fingers to slide over the smart phone! #TrueStory

As I said before, we are masters at making excuses. So when it comes to movement, there are plenty reasons why we just can’t move any more. No time. Too Dangerous. The Weather. Gym fees are too expensive. Work. Family life…. etc.

We are not saying “go do a marathon, or a triathlon”. We want you to move. And it is really so much easier than you think! Simple things that you can do at work, at home and guess what, even when out shopping! It is free, takes little time and best of all……. Adds value to your life. Now where else will you get value add that is free of charge?

We are going to look at strengthening your muscles as well as a bit of cardio. Nothing that you cannot manage. PROMISE. Do you know the importance of strengthening your muscles?  It increases bone density which reduced the risk of osteoporosis. It can help you lose weight and increases your metabolism. And the bonus……… Lean muscle looks way better on the beach!

We, Daniel and I, are all about simplicity. Less is more…. So our aim, with our coaching and all that we
passionately pursue in our private life as well, is based on the 80/20 principle. We want to get your muscles
moving and blood flowing, in a fun, sustainable way that you can do in the comfort of your own home.




Cardio – the Rules

1. Take the steps instead of the elevator – at work and at the shops. If your Heart Rate elevates above the point that you cannot whistle whilst doing it – then stop and rest for a bit.
2. Park a bit further away from the entrance. Hint – it is better for your feet to wear flat natural shoes than pointy or high shoes.
3. Check your posture. While you sit, while you walk. Back straight and upright, tummy tucked in. Shoulders straight but relaxed. Keep your chest open to breathe. Don’t over stride as this will add extra pressure to your hips.
4. Take the dog for a walk, or do jumping jacks with the kids. Move every day in different ways. If you have a step counter. Aim for 10 000 steps a day.



1. We are looking at doing 5 minutes of strength 3 times a week. The exercises we are going to introduce and start with are Lunges, Squats and Pushups. As you get stronger, you can do different variations with extra weights (like an ornament in each hand or the load of washing on your head)

2. We are going to do these exercises every other day, so not on consecutive days. You can do them while waiting for the kettle to boil for your morning coffee, or lunge walk on your break at work. You can do squats while you are brushing your teeth. Or pushups while playing with your child or dog. They just love being part of any form of movement!

3. Week 1 – start with doing as much of the movement as you can in 1 min.

  • Exercise 1. Lunge – You do them with alternating legs. For 1 min, without rushing the movement (less is more and form is important), do as many as you can.
  • Exercise 2. Squat – same principle as above
  • Exercise 3. Pushups – as above
  • Exercise 4. Plank – start with 20sec

If you feel or if you have time to do a 2nd set somewhere else during the day – go for it! If you do them in one go – please rest at least 1min between.

Every week after, you can start to increase the amount of reps you do in each set. Always rest 1 min between each exercise.

We have not addressed mobility in this program, but it is a vital part of movement. We recommend either yoga or Pilatus, but feel that if you are just starting out – adding these to the program would be overwhelming. This is base building and once the foundation is solid, we can build from there.

Visit our resource page to see how to execute the above exercises correctly – click here