“Making the most of your life is unusual! That is why you need to develop some unusual habits to earn outstanding rewards” Jim Rohn

“Philosophy is defined as the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group”

Have you ever thought about what your personal philosophy is? How it impacts your life? Why it is important to have one?

Have you ever asked yourself… What is my approach to living life?

For most, at the stroke of midnight and the changing of the year, we seem to think that miraculously this New Year will be much better than the last. We envisage more freedom, better health, and for certain a better bank balance….

That is all good and well  However, there are some caveats to having all of this. And the most important of them and of what is required…. YOUR approach to living YOUR life!

If you remain the same, but still think this year you are going to have a different outcome / ending, you ARE insane! For your outer world to change, you first need to change your inner world..

A Personal Philosophy is a statement that introduces YOU. A statement about what YOUR Beliefs are, about what YOUR Values are. IT IS YOUR MOTTO!!

Over the next few weeks I will be exploring 7 steps in creating your own personal philosophy. On how to create your own simplistic statement, that you can live every day! Your motto that defines your approach to living your life filled with outstanding rewards.