Rapid Recover is a leading edge rapid recovery system used for increasing circulation in the limbs to rapidly remove inflammatory fluids and allow much needed rich blood and nutrients back to those areas that are required for restoration and repair.

Reach better and improved health with faster healing times from injury or surgery, improvement of mobility and or discomfort from ailments such as:

  • Lymphedema or Diabetes
  • Swelling and Leg Pain
  • Post Thrombotic Syndrome
  • DVT prevention treatment
  • Peripheral Artery Disease
  • And Other Conditions


Rapid recover uses a compression system which applies specific sequential pressure to the selected areas of the body improving circulation. Through the support of multi chambers, the massage compression unit ensures optimal circulation. Rapid recover also supports a broad range of pressure options that allows for a variety of treatments. The pressure varies from 30mmhg – 240mmhg rapid recover has three sleeve options for treating different areas of the body depending on individual requirements.

A typical treatment is 30 min.and costs R100 or if you need a longer more intense treatment, 1 Hour for R150

Rapid Recover is a mild external compression system which can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions mainly symptomatic of poor blood circulation or immobility.

  • Poor Blood Circulation – Intermittent calf and foot compression increases lower extremity blood flow Read Research Here!
  • Lymphedema – Rapid Recover compression can be used to aid fluid removal in the limbs and give you a better quality of life.
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) – Rapid Recover can be used as a preventive measure against deep vein thrombosis Read Research Here!

Exercise recovery has become one of the key factors in sports performance. An athlete’s ability to recover faster post exercise allows him to incorporate more quality sessions into his or her training regime.

  • Reduced onset of muscle stiffness post exercise.
  • Decreased time for muscle repair post exercise.
  • Improved blood lactate removal.
  • Improved flexibility and movement due to a reduction in inflammation.

The human body has a natural response to healing itself when sustaining an injury. The RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) method has been used for many years in order to reduce inflammation and allow sufficient rest to allow the body to heal.

Rapid Recover uses a intermittent dynamic compression technology to increase blood flow and ensures that the injured area gets the needed nutrients required to speed up the healing process. Research has shown that increased blood flow to areas which have sustained soft tissue damage or bone fractures have resulted in increased healing rates which is a great benefit for athletes.

Not only does Rapid Recover aid the flow of enriched blood but the compression also pushes the inflammatory fluid out of the injured area allowing for more movement.

These attributes accelerate the healing process, which means that an injured athlete can return to activity quicker.

Listen to this interview with coach Mark Wolff.

Mark is an endurance, physiology & nutrition expert, endurance coach, health & fitness mentor and founder of the 32GI sports nutrition brand.

Recover Faster.  Heal Injuries Faster. Get Stronger Faster