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Topic Link
Stress & Gut Health
Goal Setting – Brent Gleeson
Nature Therapy – Forest Bathing
Nature Therapy – Scientific Facts
The Health Benefits of Gardening
Dr. Phil Maffetone – Aerobic Fitness/Stress/Sleep
Mark Divine – Box Breathing
Strength Training
Barbara O’Neill – Nutrition/Detox
Dr. Jason Fung – Intermittent Fasting, Low Carb & Type 2 Diabetes
Dr. Chatterjee – Lifestyle
Paul Chek – Lifestyle/Circadian  Rhythms
Dr. Mark Hyman – Nutrition
Mark Wolff – Lifestyle/Sports Nutrition
Ben Greenfield – Biohacking/Fitness
Rob Fitzpatrick – Mindfulness
Simon Sinek – Finding your Why
The 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga – Deepak Chopra



Videos that will educate and inspire you

Epigenetics, a short and funny introduction



Circadian Rhythms

Acid Alkaline Balance

Start with WHY

Bellows Breath

Success Breath (Ujjayi)

Meditation Explained


Nature Therapy

Intermittent Fasting

Morning Routine

Rebounder Benefits

Find your Purpose

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Complete Breath

Guided Mindfulness Meditation