“The technology for success in life is first to pull back to a still, quiet inner place from which you can become clear about your goal, and then act with the full power of your intention”


Over the past 2  months we have looked into the importance of correcting your circadian rhythms, staying away from blue light and ensuring that you instill good habits to get the best quality 7-8 hours of sleep a night for optimal health.

What has work for you?  Have you implemented a power sleep routine that sees you awakened with focus and a clear intention for the day that is ahead of you?  What we think about the last 5 minutes before we fall asleep is scientifically proven to be the first things we think about as we wake up. So therefor, I would think that we should think about success intentions filled with love, joy and happiness.  Intentions filled with how we can use our talents in service of other.  Intentions devoid from ego.

We have some tips that will help you on your way, but like with the morning routine, it is something that should resonate with you!
  1. Practice gratitude
  2. Practice kindness to yourself and to all other living beings – this can be in a form of meditation or a prayer
  3. Listen to instrumental music that resonates with you and that will have you mindfully focusing on your intentions for the next day – be it giving love to relationships, doing self-healing or spreading love over the planet
  4. Practice visualization – Imagery is an extremely powerful way to set the tone in building the life you want – that includes visualizing yourself as a healthy, vibrant being doing what you love


Bedtime Meditation

In our Breathe 3 Document we have looked into the benefits of Meditation and saw how powerful and life changing it is.  Making meditation also part of your pre-sleep routine has huge benefits for you as well in that meditation soothes stress because it activates our autonomic nervous system, allowing for better sleep, stronger digestion, and deeper breathing.

Have a listen to this YouTube video from Dr. Wayne Dyer:




We have spoken about instilling some success “routines” in your daily life.  Care must be taken however on unconscious routines that we have.  For instance, rolling out of bed in the same manner, the same way, the same side every morning.  Going to the same coffee shop without thinking about it, ordering the same item from the menu – doing all this mindlessly.

When we talk about success morning and evening routines, we are calling on you to also be completely aware and mindful during these new practices.  Awareness and Mindfulness brings with them keys to unlocking your potential to living a life of fulfillment and vitality.

Routines performed unaware and on autopilot, is more often than not mindless acts that adds no real soulful value to your life.  We are not saying routine is bad!  Just that you should be aware and to change your days up from time to time – This serves to keep your mind and body growing and forming new neural pathways and to keep it from being stuck in a rut so to speak!

So tomorrow get out on the other side of the bed for a change, take a new route to work, brush your teeth with your left hand instead of your right hand.


“Three nights of poor sleep is the blood sugar equivalent of gaining twenty to thirty pounds, enough to predispose them, over time, to Type II Diabetes”




What is aromatherapy?  It is a modern name for the ancient knowledge of healing and improving health using fragrant, natural ingredients. These ingredients, called essential oils, are found in herbs, plants, flowers, fruits and the bark, roots or resin of some trees.

Essential oils have huge healing properties.  Molecules of essential oils are so minute and so quick to evaporate, they penetrate human skin and enter the bloodstream and organs, before eventually being excreted.

Essential Oils can be used in dozens of ways throughout your home and they do not need any special equipment or fancy preparation.  It can be as simple as unscrewing the bottle and breathing in.


So how can you use essential oil and aromatherapy to improve your sleep quality?


  1. Massage – It combines the senses of touch and smell. Essential oils like Chamomile, Rosemary, Sandalwood is great to use to help with reducing stress, tension, mental fatigue, headaches and to mellow you.   Massage is also a great way to connect with your partner at the end of the day.
  1. Bath – Having a warm bad before can elevate your mood, helps with reducing muscle aches, improves sleep at night, reduces blood pressure and it can soothe irritable skin. Essential oils that you can add to your bath include – Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, Neroli, Geranium Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood and Patchouli.  If you prefer to shower before bed, it is just as beneficial but you will have to make a massage oil using essential oils mixed together with a carrier oil and massage it into your skin before showering.
  1. Room Vaporizers
  1. Room Sprays
  1. Inhalation
  1. Bedtime Treatments – Add a few drops of one of the Essential Oils mentioned above, or one of your favorite ones that helps to make you relax, one a tissue or on our pillow case


As essential oils are so potent it is advisable that you get the best quality, 100% organic Essential Oils.  This is one item you do not want to skimp on and getting inferior quality!


“When you sleep well, you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the activities of the day.  Sleep is also essential for good health: while we rest, the cells in our body repair and regenerate, our detoxifying organs do their work unimpeded and our blood pressure drops.  All this helps to combat stress and improves our ability to fight off illness”