Sleep is more important than you think. The bottom line is that without it we cannot function like we are supposed to.  Lack of sleep is a real epidemic and we look at ways to get your waking and refreshed and energized.


Sleeping Habits
Sleep serves to re-energize the body’s cells, clear waste from teh brain, and support learning and memory.  Different people require different amounts of sleep to optimise their health.  We look at your daily habits, your night time routine to establish what impact that has on your quality of sleep, and then we start incorporating natural new habits to help you beat the sleep monster and wake up feeling invigorated.

Circadiam Rhythms
Our bodies are designed to be in tune with the natural rhythm of Mother nature.  Circadium rhythms, also known as the bodies biological clock, controls the  bodies daily processes, like hormone secretion and sleep timing.  We take a look at this important factor, the impact it has on our overall  health, and how to work with our natural clock instead of against it, for optimum well-being

Other areas we address:
  • Electronic Pollution
  • The impact of Blue-light Pollution
  • Tips to help you sleep
  • Sleep Meditation
  • The impact of the lack of sleep on your hormones
  • The importance of Melatonin


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When you sleep well, you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the activities of the day.” – Unknown