If you do not like where you are in your life, it stands to reason that you have to change direction.  As the captain of your ship /  your life, it is up to you to set your sail in the direction of where you want to go!
Jim Rohn said “It is not the circumstances, but the way we think”   The greatest challenge in life is to control the process of your own thinking. You have to change your “victim” mentality and your believe that life is happening TO you, to a winning mentality of a victor and that life is happening FOR you.
This is also the first step in creating your own personal philosophy.  How do you think?  How do you view life? What do you think about?  What do you focus on?
Do you see life as hard, with only the select few, born with a silver spoon in the mouth, as succeeding?  Do you experience life as a continues struggle for survival?  Do you feel stuck and alone?  Or do you wake up feeling like anything is possible with the world as your oyster, no matter what your current circumstances?
What habitual thoughts have you been harbouring that is not true and that is limiting you?  That is no longer serving you?  That is keeping you sailing in the same direction as always – Straight into the storm?
Napoleon Hill says – “You have to take possession of your own mind”
In today’s “electronic noise” environment, we are constantly bombarded with information, that leads our thoughts in directions that is not true to who we are.  Making us want things that we do not need.  Turning our thoughts into greedy monsters.  Keeping us from thinking for ourselves!
When was the last time you were conscious about what you were thinking?
To set your sail in the direction of your purpose and life extraordinaire – you have to direct your thoughts in that direction.
Become aware of your thoughts.
Do not live life on autopilot!
YOU are destined for greatness